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When I first begin my journey to raw, I made the mistake of imitating my favorite raw food dishes.  My journey began with the cumbersome-to-prepare high-fat raw cuisine.  In addition to feeling spacey and lethargic, I felt like I never measured up. 

Popular raw dishes include the nut-seed pate, raw pizza on flax nut-seed crust and cashew cheez, raw burgers with nut-seed bread, and flax crackers with hummus.  These dishes often contain a cup or more of oil.  Who would sit down and drink a cup of oil as a meal? 

To add more flame to the destructive fire, high-fat raw recipes attempt to copy the taste of SAD (standard american diet) food by including too much added salt, nama shoyu, tamari, and “healthy” oils.

I learned that being raw alone does not make it healthy.  Therefore, it’s important to keep a balanced perspective on your carbohydrate, fat and protein intake regardless of wheter you’re an uncooked or cooked vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore.


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